Run Java 14 on Raspberry Pi

Are you like me curious about the new Java version, Java 14? I thought I would take a second and write about how to get the new version running on your Raspberry pi. It should not be much of a problem to run Java 14 on Rasbperry Pi, right?

The new Java flavour I will be looking at is not Oracle but an open source competitior; AdoptOpenJDK and you can find the binaries for different flavours on this website.

The one I will be installing is the AdoptOpenJDK Java 14.0.2 armhf.

 wget ''
# sudo dpkg -i adoptopenjdk-14-hotspot_14.0.2+12-2_armhf.deb

For me there quite a few dependency errors, but I fixed them with the following command.

# sudo apt-get install -f

When all the dependencies were installed I was able to get Java to work!

Thank you for checkout out my tutorial on how to Java 14 on Rasbperry Pi. As always, please check out my other tutorials. For exemple how to build you very own robot.

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