Spotify Connect for Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial you will learn how to make the Raspberry Pi act as a Spotify Connect endpoint. Spotify Connect is a service which lets you listen on a speaker and let your phone act like a remote control. It is a pretty neat deal.

Learn more about Spotify Connect here.

Hardware requirements

  • Raspberry Pi
  • SD card setup with Raspbian. (A tutorial can be found here.)
  • Speaker
  • Spotify Premium


Login to the Raspberry Pi using SSH, or use a keyboard connected to the Raspberry Pi. Use the terminal on the Raspberry Pi and type the following command:

# curl -sL | sh

This command installs the Spotify client and is setting up everything you need to have, you can find more information about the client is found here. You now have a working Raspberry Pi which you can connect through your phone and play any song that you want!


In this tutorial you learnt how to setup the Raspberry Pi to work with Spotify Connect. This method could be used to spice up an old speaker or maybe create your own speaker?

What’s next?

This is the simple tutorial to get some sound working for the Raspberry Pi, where you want to go from here is up to you. A tip, the step from building your very own bluetooth speaker has never been closer.