How to get started with Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will show you how to get started with your Raspberry Pi.
Maybe you have a project in mind or just looking for inspiration? Since Raspberry Pi does not come with an operating system you will need to do some things to set it all up before you can start with your new project.

Hardware required

How to get started

To get started you need to download the operating system you want to install on the Raspberry Pi. We You are going to install an operating system which is called Rasbian and it the most common one.

Go to and download the operating system image. I recommend choosing “Rasbian Lite” because it is a lot smaller and I have never used Rasberry Pi as a small desktop with a monitor. If you want to build a small desktop computer i recommend Intel Nuc instead.

Unpack the zip file you just downloaded and will see that you have really downloaded a .img file, this is the file which we are using to install the operating system onto the SD card.


Etcher is a tool which allows you to write image files to hardware and this is exactly what we need!

Go to download and install this tool, it is available for both Mac, Windows and Linux.

Install the Rasbian operating system by simply insert the SD card into your computer and start up the Etcher tool. Select your image, target and click Flash.

You have now successfully installed an operating system for the Raspberry Pi and it is now time to boot it up for the first time.

Insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and connect all your pheriphals such as the keyboard and your monitor. Connect also the power supply and your Raspberry Pi should automatically boot up!

Login on the Raspberry Pi by entering the default user and password which is “pi” with the password “raspberry”. I recommend switching password for your raspberry because if not changed it is very easy to hack your new mini computer.
Switch the password by enter the following command with the command “passwd”. You will be prompted to enter the old password as well as a new password.


Congratulations on installing your first operating system for Raspberry Pi. We have successfully downloaded an image file, installed it onto the SD card and now it runs on your Raspberry Pi. Good work!

What is next?

What is next, do you know where to go from here? Maybe learn some Java and create an application which could be run on the Raspberry Pi? Check this tutorial.